About John of God

Who is John of God?

Excerpts from Chapter I, The Boy, The Medium, The Man 

“I am the happiest man in the world because God has entrusted me with this mission” 

-Joao Teixeria de Faria

“Em Nome de Deus!” (In the name of God) full trance Médium João Teixeira de Faria’s voice resounded as he walked into the meditation room, known as the current room. Hundreds of people from all parts of the globe had gathered with their eyes shut in preparation for the healing work of the day. With a jolt, John of God left his body for the Compassionate Spirits to inhabit for the typically three to five hour healing session. The consciousness of John of God would now rest, somewhat like when we sleep. One of the thirty five or more compassionate Spirits had now taken possession of his body and mind performing both physical and spiritual surgeries.

João Teixeira de Faria (John of God) was born 24th June 1942, in a village known as Cachoeira da Fumaça in the state of Goiás central Brazil. He came from very humble origins.
After two years of primary school he was obliged to leave. Poverty forced him to work and abandon his studies. He has toiled as a well digger, a bricklayer, and in many forms of hard manual labor. He began working in his father’s tailor shop at the age of six cutting his first pair of pants helping to supplement his father’s scant income. At this tender age he was learning the trade that would eventually sustain his spiritual mission. Poverty forced João out into the world in search of employment. It was a difficult time in his life and he moved from town to town working manual labor jobs. One day, far from home, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, hungry, tired and lonely he found himself unemployed once again. Saddened and weak from hunger he sought refuge under a bridge that he was about to cross on the outskirts of town. He planned to bathe in the river before resuming his job search. As he approached the water’s edge a beautiful blonde woman called out and invited him to come closer. They spent a memorable afternoon talking intensely together. The following morning, remembering the beauty and gentleness of this young woman, he was drawn back to the river to talk with her again. He was astounded to find a brilliant shaft of Light where she had been seated. He was further amazed to hear her voice beckoning him by name.

Following her explicit guidance that day, he sought out the Christ of the Redeemer Spiritual Center in town. Upon arrival, the Director of the Center approachedJoão. He asked him if his name was João Teixeira de Faria. He was told that they had been waiting for his visit. At that very moment João ‘passed out’. When he returned to consciousness, hours later, he was embarrassed and most apologetic, attributing his fainting spell to hunger. There was a large group of people surrounding him and he was told by the congregation that he had incorporated the Entity, King Solomon. Over fifty people had been cured. They were enthralled with his mediumship and all the healing that had transpired. In João’s mind he was merely another impoverished teenager and he was confused by all the attention being given to him. Embarrassed and uncomfortable João insisted he had done nothing, repeating that he had fainted and had no recollection of what they were talking about. The Director, sensitive to the young boy’s bafflement with the situation, gently took him under his wing. He explained that an Entity of Light known as King Solomon had asked João to return at 2 p.m. promptly the following day to resume the work. Furthermore, the Director and that he would be honored to have João stay the night at his house and they could talk about the day’s events and spiritual matters.

The Director drove them to his home where he had ample but simple food prepared. But to Médium João who had not eaten in many days it was an elaborate meal. After dinner he was given his own room with a revolving fan and a mosquito net. He had never known such luxury! The next morning, following another wonderful meal, he sheepishly thought: “I better eat all that I can, while I can, because I am sure they will be sending me away!” João nervously returned to the Center with his host, explaining to him that he was not a practicing medium nor did he have any understanding of medicine or the spiritual world. He had no explanation for what had taken place the previous day. He was actually terrified not knowing what was expected of him at 2 p.m. After the group gathered and the opening prayer had ended Médium João was incorporated by King Solomon (see photo below) once more and the work of healing the sick began. He was directed to dedicate his life to healing others and never to accept money for the work, a guideline he follows to this day. The beautiful woman at the waters edge he later realized was the spirit of St Rita de Cacia. (See photo below) João was 16 years of age.( See photo below). He found his true purpose; to serve God and humanity.

As a full trance-medium, John of God becomes like a hollow reed. He leaves his body in the tender care of the compassionate Beings called Entities. This form of embodiment of another spirit is known as ‘incorporation.’ They are able to use his body to affect cures, performing visible and invisible spiritual surgeries. These compassionate Spirits are beings that have lived on earth and are now transcended to the spiritual realms. This highly evolved group consciousness devotes their time in service to humanity and to alleviating pain and suffering on the earthly plane. Some of these Spirits have experienced lives as doctors; See Fig.#9 some are highly enlightened as in the case of St. Ignatius of Loyola who founded the Jesuit Order. Dr Augusto de Almeida is a devoted and loving spirit who often announces himself with fervor. Further, he tells us:

“My phalange is comprised of not ten, or a hundred but
of thousands. I am the one that goes to the very depths
of the abyss to rescue even one soul.”

Dr. Augusto de Ameida

These formative years greatly influenced Medium João (John of God). It created a burning passion inside of him to become a successful business man. He needed a business expertise to support his spiritual purpose. The beginning of his fame brought business opportunities of which he took advantage to support his mission. He is a passionate cattle farmer, gold and emerald miner and has invested wisely. He has an innate gift for business. This has now afforded him the ability to continue his dedicated mission of alleviating suffering and helping the poor. Although Medium João has made a promise to the Entities that he will never charge for his services the Casa gratefully accepts any donations given.


Excerpts from Chapter III, Ana, The Wife of Medium Joao (John of God)

“Faith moves mountains, faith is what heals us and faith is what guides us”

-Ana Teixeira Lorenco-

Ana Keyla Teixeira Lorenço begins this interview by explaining that she was brought to the Casa by her family at a very young age. Eventually through the intervention and the tutelage of the Entities, it became evident that she was predestined to become Medium João’s wife at this stage of his life. In this chapter, Ana humbly and honestly gives us a rare and unique look into the life of João the man and João the Medium. She also brings us great insight into the Casa, spirituality as well as mediumship. Her kindness and wisdom is remarkable. We hope you find her words as helpful and nourishing to the spirit as we do.

HC: I know there have been many reports of people, including myself, who have seen or experienced materialization of crystals, stones, photographs; does this happen frequently at the Casa?

Ana:  Well I do believe that it does happen frequently at the Casa.  I have not actually experienced materializations other than the incident at the Spriitist Center in Uberara. I have heard many testimonies from people, but, for us Spiritists* this is not a mystery. I believe in materialization just as I believe in incorporation; and the transporting of souls who are lost. Everything that the Spiritist Gospel talks about and reveals to us I embrace.
I also had the wonderful privilege, during one of our visits home to Uberaba, to take my husband to the Spiritist Center that I had frequented growing up. The president of the Center, also an old friend of João’s, told us that he would be delighted to have João stay and attend to the people at his Center. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and our need to return to Abadiânia, we were unable to stay.  But something amazing happened that day. The President of the Center told João that his mother had passed and how he deeply regretted not having even one photograph as memory of his mother. João, the medium was able to materialize a photo of this man’s mother! This I saw with my own eyes. You should also ask João about this story to get his confirmation.

Later on in the interview Ana states:

I have met thousands of people who have come to the Casa and none ever complained to me that their lives changed for the worse!  On the contrary, all say how their lives are changing for the better or have been deeply transformed. It is a source of much joy. I think that for us who have a foundation in Spiritism*, The Casa is unique. I am of course a little biased, but I must say, that as far as mediums go, there are very few mediums in the world that are able to carry out the work that Medium João is able to bring through to us. I use the term “work” but by that I mean the work that the Entities are able to perform though him, since it is not Joãothat does the work. The Entities are able to work through João thanks to his predisposition to receive, to be present and dedicated to service.  I can truly say, as his wife, that it is no easy task to serve, because, there is no set day or time, and it is his constant commitment. Many times we make a date to see a friend, or one of his children but have to cancel. Our plans change all the time to attend to people in need.  I see this as 100% total dedication. I have to say, if I were in his place, I really do not think I would be able to make that commitment. It is from Monday to Monday.  Every night at 2 am he gets up to work on people. As you know from being on trips with us, he sleeps very little.

Sometimes a person is in need of spiritual help, and through prayer and thought asks the entities as well as Medium João for help. You can be sure that even if the person is on the other side of the world they will be receiving energy transmitted through Medium João’s focus and prayer and their suffering is alleviated as the Entities respond.

.Sometimes a person is in need of spiritual help, and through prayer and thought asks the entities as well as Medium João for help. You can be sure that even if the person is on the other side of the world they will be receiving energy transmitted through Medium João’s focus and prayer and their suffering is alleviated as the Entities respond.


Dear Reader:
To understand more about this extraordinary dedication to God, the Entities and healing by John of God, please go to testimonials and particularly to the story of Roger, a doctor who had no interest in John of God’s work and was raised from the dead through intervention by St. Ignatius after Roger’s wife called the Casa for help.


Excerpts from Chapter IX

*Spiritism and the Entities

Just who or what are the Entities that  are so central to the spiritual mission of Medium Joao? The spiritual work done at the Casa is based on the principles of *Spiritism: a doctrine that carefully examines the relationship between physical and nonphysical realities. Physical beings constitute the visible or incarnate world, while the nonphysical beings constitute the spirit world. Viewed in this framework, the entities are highly evolved, discarnate spirits who reach down from the spiritual world to relieve suffering. This mission is facilitated through Medium Joao’s willingness to offer his body as a vessel for this work.

There is a spiritual hierarchy at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Divine consciousness is the overarching force that guides all work. Next is the Entity known as King Solomon, and then St. Ignatius and his group consciousness, referred to as his phalange of spirits.  Then there are thousands more. And while the mission of these discarnate spirits is to offer us healing, it is important to remember that their efforts contribute to their own advancement in the  spiritual realms.