Testimonials on Photography

Words cannot adequately express the inspiration and awakening that Karen Leffler’s photographs of the Casa De Dom Inacio and the Entities there transmit. It was so wonderful and heart-opening to experience Karen and her presentation of the energy photos and love-filled Casa pictures. I feel so honored to have been at the Casa when Karen was there telling her intimate story’s of Medium Joao (John of God) and her up front views of this humble servant of God.
-Deb Court
Guide to John of God

“Many thanks for coming in to see me in regard to publishing your work in The Modern Estate magazine. The artistic quality and unique style of your photography is quite compelling.I especially like the seasonal landscape work you have done. You seem to capture the precise mood of the moment through your lens. I would be honored to publish some of your past work and to discuss your shooting original photography for my magazine.”

Linda Donnelly
Publisher and Editor in Chief
The Modern Estate

“The photos are incredible—once again, thank you for the professionalism, but above all, thank you for your artistic talents!”
Mary Lou Jamison

“With all of my heart for being John of God’s photographer, I honor the profound significance of the work you are doing; thank you also for taking my photo with Him (the Spirit Guide), it’s a treadure to me. With Infinite Love.”
-Sophia Garrett

“Karen’s first project resulted in not only beautiful images but a steady stream of customers and multiple offers, as well as being featured property in the New York Times. This only confirmed Inger’s belief that hiring a consummate professional like Karen is a wise investment.”
Inger Stringfellow
William Pitt Sotherby’s Int’l Realty

“Karen is a soulful and talented photographer with a magic eye for the spiritual side of reality. Her pictures are insights into a diferent dimension, and her art makes that acceptable and understandible.”
Anton Baraschi

“I was privileged to see one of Karen Leffler’s John of God photography exhibitions at the Pousada Luz Divina in Abadania (twice!). She not only exhibited her photos, but also shared her experience of being chosen as the photographer for John of God, along with her experience of the man, the spirits, and the miracles. As I watched her incredible exhibition and drank in her stories, I realized she is a Spirit Revealer. It isn’t anything she does; it’s who she is. Spirits reveal themselves to her and, through her powerful witnessing and photographic stewardship, the tangible reality of the miracles becomes possible to accept in a transformative way.”
– Trinity thomas
The John of God Chronicles


Testimonials From The Book


Trip to Peru

Medium Joao (John of God) went to Lima, Peru in 1991. It was reported that over 20,000 people were healed on that visit. The great majority of those seeking healing were afflicted with cholera because of an epidemic. During this trip, the Spirit Guides (Entities) were visited by President Fujimori, who was healed of a muscular problem in his hands. His son was healed of a mental disturbance. Medium Joao (John of God) was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Peruvian government.

Dr. Roger Quieroz

Dr. Roger was a psychiatrist in a prominent hospital in Brasilia, Brazil. In his words he lived a stressful life, enjoying the high life as he puts it. He worked hard but did not consider himself a quiet family man.

He was a skeptic and came to the Casa a skeptic only to bring his mother, his wife. He refused all offers of assistance from the Entities for assistance in his own life. He enjoyed his visits to the Casa because the people were kind and friendly yet he ridiculed the treatments and surgeries.
He suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to ICU. It was too late.  Dr. Roger died on the table. The surgeon, a friend and companion, compassionately told his wife.  She phoned the Casa immediately and asked Sebastian to please go to the Entity with the information. Sebastian took the telephone to the Entity who told Dr. Roger’s wife not to allow the body to be removed from the ICU until after three p.m. She was to remain with the body. He was receiving help and must not be moved.

The death certificate cited the time of death as 10.15 a.m. It is unheard of in Brazil to leave a body, after death, for so long in ICU. Burial usually takes place in twenty-four hours. However, since he had been a colleague and worked in the hospital, the surgeon took pity on the widow leaving an order that the body should not be removed until his return at 3 p.m. A nurse was to remain with the body.

Dr. Roger, meanwhile felt himself soaring over the Casa. He was then shown deep into the earth the crystal quartz beds and stream that flows under the Casa. He reports that he refreshed himself in this exquisite flow of water. (While the body lay in ICU the nurse reported that inexplicably water had drenched his torso spilling onto the floor. She cleaned up the water).  Dr. Roger’s journey now took him to a place of extraordinary suffering. To an area of darkness; people roaming aimlessly, lost, troubled, and lonely. As he recounts this part of his story, he invariably struggles with tears. It is a vivid painful and horrific memory. Now, out of the mists, he was approached by a priest and Dr. Roger becomes further confused. Why would a priest seek him out he wonders? He, a non-believer, a skeptic, had frequently ridiculed the men of cloth and the church. Dom Inácio announced himself, and embraced him then he took him to a place of exquisite beauty. Marveling at the splendor of his surroundings the likes of which he had never seen it surpassed all his imagination.  He asks Dom Inácio why he was with him. He explained to Dom Inácio that he had often accompanied his wife to the Casa, but had no belief in the work. Dom Inácio then counseled Dr. Roger explaining that he was no longer in his body. He continued with profound teachings. Dr. Roger was delighted to stay in this haven with his newfound friend and guide. Dom Inácio informed him with deep compassion that he had much work to do that would help many. He is reminded of his free will and that ultimately the decision would be his. Now, with his agreement to carry out the work offered to him by Dom Inácio he would be returned to resume his life.

Much more than this was transmitted to Dr. Roger but that is between him and Dom Inácio.

A little before 3 p.m. Dr. Roger opened his eyes and asked for water. The nurse shot out of the room! Dr. Roger was impressed with her quick reaction but soon became anxious since the water was not forthcoming. Two nurses peering in through the door but did not enter. Finally a doctor arrived and thoroughly examined him. He was incredulous. The man was alive and appeared to have no brain damage. He was alive with no explanation! His wife was brought to his side. Over the next two days Dr. Roger underwent a battery of tests and was finally discharged! Dr. Roger, following Dom Inácio’s directives, went without delay to the Casa with his wife. As he crossed the main hall, on his way to the current room, Médium João walked out of his office and embraced Dr. Roger whispering in his ear: “Son it was arduous but you are home. Now we have work to do.” It was Dom Inácio and not Médium João!

Dr. Roger’s life has changed completely. He travels at the invitation of spiritual organizations to tell his story. He is slim and healthy and his life is one of service.

Jose Ribeiro

Jose was living in the state of Para, Brazil. He joined the Brazilian navy in the early eighties. In 1992 he found himself stationed in Rio de Janeiro and was working with colleague moving equipment. “Suddenly I felt my legs begin to go numb and great pain down my left side. I collapsed. It was the 19th November 1992 and I was rushed to the hospital.” Tests showed a herniated disk on T8 and T9. He was flown to the Naval Hospital in Belem, and then to the Naval Hospital of Brasilia. All specialists concluded that his case was inoperable. After three months of rehab at the Sara Kubitchek Hospital he returned home, near Belem, to a wife and daughter. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

“I had a dream that I arrived at a healing sanctuary and was told to by pass the line and go to straight to a room. It was vivid and stuck in my memory.  I heard about the Casa. My brother who lives in Brasilia, believed only science could cure, reluctantly brought my photo before the Entity.  He was told to give me three bottles of water and to bring me to the Casa. Within an hour of taking the water I began passing clots of blood in my urine. Against my family’s wishes, I convinced my brother to bring me to the Casa in December 1994. It was pouring with rain and we just managed to tuck in at the very edge of the main Hall. The Entity came down from the dais were he was operating and parted the crowd and came up to me. He took my hand in his “It took you a long time but you are finally here filho. Can you stay for the three days? I will begin your work.” Jose smiled “The Entity sent me straight to the surgery room, by passing the other current rooms as in my dream. So my healing began, two years on the maca bed (massage table in surgery room) receiving energy. “Filho you will go through much more pain but you will get better.” St Ignatius said before performing invisible operation on me. That weekend and the following week I was very ill and my sister was very concerned. I could not keep food down and lived off coconut water and fluids. On Wednesday she asked if I should be hospitalized. The Entity said to have patience and by the end of the week I would be better. I was and all my doubts were eventually assuaged. I was looking to buy a plot of land to build a house. That night I had a powerful dream. There was a huge pile of rubble and I was lying in a hammock to the side of the rubble. The following day, as I went to the Casa in my wheel chair I noticed to my right a pile of rubble and a for sale sign. You know, I bought the plot very easily, built my bedroom exactly as in the dream. My wife left me soon after my accident.  I managed to get custody of my daughter and she is here with me. The entities have said “she is already accepted in college.” I have expanded my store, which provides work for my family and my parents.   Through visions and dreams I have come to understand my karma.  I lead a happy and tranquil life, shared with a wonderful companion.  I know I am being healed on many levels.

Jose is a medium in the spiritual intervention (surgery) room.

Ricardo Bezada

In 1987 I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor having sever pain in my shoulder. From 1989 to 1992 I had seven surgeries at Valhalla Hospital in  New York State.  The surgeons were unable to remove all of the tumor as it was enmeshed with the nerves. I was in agonizing pain and had lost all movement of the arm.

The doctors finally wanted to amputate my arm and in desperation I bought a plane ticket to Brazil. By the time I arrived at the Casa Dom Inacio I was crying from the pain. When I was brought before the Entity I was told to have invisible surgery that afternoon.  I sat with others and the Entity said a prayer. I felt slight fluttering of energy like being touched by a butterfly. I was free of pain when I left the surgery room. A week later the Entity unbuttoned my shirt and I looked at my shoulder. The tumor was gone. To this day I give thanks and have returned to work in my construction company.

Marcelene Da Silva Oliveira

In September 2003, I felt I had no option but to have surgery to amputate my deformed arm. Years before, I was diagnosed with a severe cancer. As the doctors removed the tumors they severed my tendon and nerve of my hand. It has been useless since then. I am unable to move it up or down. My wounds, as you can see from the picture were gaping, foul-smelling and almost an inch wide.  I was in extreme pain and depression. Before the scheduled surgery a friend who works at the Casa insisted I see the Entities  before losing my arm. Though I live only two hours away, it is difficult for me to travel here, but, my brother drove me. I went in front of the Entity and was prescribed herbs and told to return in 30 days.

Heather took her in front of the Entity to honor and thank him. The Entity smiled compassionately and said, “This afternoon operation, I will do your work. And you have a problem here.” He reached past Marcelene and momentarily massaged her brother around his liver area. “Your liver. I will do your work today and then hyou should go to the earth doctor to finish your treatment.” Marcelene’s brother turned white. He had an appointment for a liver scan and gall bladder removal already scheduled at the hospital.

Later that day, as Heather and I recorded this most amazing story, which you can see on the accompanying video, Marcelene suddenly realized that she was touching her mouth with her left hand, which had been paralyzed for two years!” “ My God. My arm and hand are moving!” she exclaimed in tears. Her movements were slow and stiff ( remember there is no magic here, only true and natural healing) but a week later, when she returned for surgery revision, she had complete and fluid movement. Without a tendon or nerve, this is a miracle!!

In gratitude, Marcelene with help from the St. Ignatius Fund, has brought her uncle, cousin and niece besides her brother. “My uncle has the same tumors in his arm. (see attached pictures). Now they have been removed by the Entities. It took but a few minutes; there wa no bleeding, and they looked like mere scratches compared to the deep scars I suffered. His hernia is still bulging, but he has no pain. My niece hah frequent epileptic fits, but she is now well after only one visit. My cousin had a stomach disorder, and he is feeling better. There are no thanks great enough for the Divine Love that is here. I will sit in current as often as I can and pray for all those who come here to be healed.”

Sebastian da Silva Lima
Secretary of the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola

Sebastião da Silva Lima, was born 1952 in Olhos D’Agua, Goiás, Brazil.
On Casa days Sebastian, who holds the position of Casa Secretary, meets and greets all. He is one of the kindest, most vivacious people we know and remembers everyone who passes through the Casa. He is a deeply evolved and astute medium who has been in service to the Casa for over thirty years. We could fill a book with his stories and remembrances. Fondly known as Tião, short for Sebastião, he is a trained nurse, school teacher and spent eight years in the seminary. He is dedicated to his service and begins all sessions with welcoming prayers. He first met Medium João by chance. Tião was smitten by a pretty young lady. She was a ‘wailer,’ in those days there were people paid to wail and cry at wakes! He went to a center where she worked and there encountered the entities working. He was told to meet with Medium João afterwards. “It was extremely confusing Heather, his eyes would change color, brown, green and then the deepest blue. When I met João afterwards he told me he had been waiting for me for a long time. We became friends and I have been at his side ever since. His mother, Dona Iuca was the dearest woman and she treated me as another son. She asked me to always stay close to her son. I have seen so many wonderful healings, from Aids to the blind seeing. One time the Entity told three men “those who do not have faith cut my skin” he showed them where to cut Medium João’s chest area. Then he passed his hand over the bleeding wound and it healed and knitted together before our eyes. Sometimes the Entity would look at a person then tell them to lift there shirt and there would be a cut where surgery had been performed without ever been touched. He would often pass his hands over wounds and they would heal instantly. Oh many, many wonderful memories. When Medium João had a stroke and was left with semi paralysis down one side, the Entities performed surgery on him and he came back to normal as you see him now.

When this site was chosen for the Casa, Dom Inácio incorporated and marked the site where the wall of the main hall and triangle is now. One time we were being questioned in the police station, in those days that was a frequent occurrence, now he is allowed to practice but then it was different. The Entity incorporated and told the sheriff that he knew his daughter had a heart condition and due for surgery at the hospital. The sixteen year old was brought before him and he laid a kitchen knife just above her heart, flat without cutting. That night she was in much pain and was taken to the hospital, x-rays were taken and stitches showed around the area of pain. Eight days later her parents brought her for revision; she was healed never needing further surgery. It was as if we were detained for questioning that day to serve that purpose. So here I am and will continue to serve at Medium João’s side for as long as I am needed.

John Friesman

“After bouts of vomiting and intense headaches, having been diagnosed as depressed with the remedy being Prozac, I finally found a doctor who did an MRI. I was shocked. An egg- sized brain tumor had grown into my first vertebra. It was not totally operable and I was given massive amounts of radiation. A year later I was still in remission, I thought, .until one day I was told by the doctor to go home, the tumor was growing and “fifty percent of the people with your type of tumor are dead within five years, but, you don’t have anywhere near that time.”

I was desperately looking for answers, but there was none until and old man I once knew as a child called me. He said he had a dream and had something to show me. I flew to Auckland and saw a video on John of God. It gave me faith and within a short time, I was in front of the Entity. I was in so much pain I was crying and walking on my tiptoes from the suffering. During invisible intervention, I felt like butterflies were fluttering under my skin. Before I knew it, the surgery was over. I walked outside and suddenly realized I was walking on my feet with no pain. I stayed a short while and returned home being told that I should return when I was ready. I gained strength and had no headaches for a year. But, in July 2000, I began to have headaches again. I returned to the Casa for a second surgery and was told afterwards that I was fully healed. I returned home and have been pain free since then. My physician was baffled by the fact that the egg-shaped tumor had been reduced to a small dormant nub at the base of my skull. I tell my story to anyone who will listen and am willing to help anyone visit this amazing healer.”

Edemar Goncalves Rocha

In 1973 Edemar Goncalves Rocha, of the city of  Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil was visiting his friend Niltacio and his wife Nati. His friend had become ill and Nati was very upset because a healer had come by saying that if they would lend him their jewelry and watches, he would return them energized and Niltacio would be healed. He was a charlatan, stole their possessions and his friend was still ill.

Edemar was very upset by these circumstances and being a lawyer, felt it was his duty to protect his friends and uncover this charlatan. Late that afternoon he picked up his wife at the school where she worked, as was his custom… She was very excited and informed Edemar that there was a great healer at Maria Da Guia’s home, a friend and co-worker of Nati. This healer, she said, was like the famous trance medium, Ze Arrigo who incorporated Dr. Fritz (the spirit of a famous German surgeon). She wanted me to go immediately with her and meet this healer known as João de Deus.

“Believing that this man must be the same imposter that had stolen my friends’ jewelry, I was eager to get there as soon possible to expose him and have him arrested. Knowing me to be a skeptic, my wife was surprised at my willingness to accompany her. I kept my reasons quiet!

Upon arriving at Maria’s house I walked up to the medium and asked if I could watch closely the procedures of the day.João de Deus replied, “Of course, this is for everybody to see”. He then incorporated in a small room of the house and the Entity invited me to stand beside him. The Entity then called a friend of my wife’s to sit on a small stool in front of him. He operated on the woman’s eye by wiping it with cotton wool dipped in holy water and then scraped her eye with a paring knife. A common kitchen knife with a serrated blade! Her face was serene and she never flinched during the entire operation. I watched very carefully from less than a foot away. She confirmed feeling absolutely no pain. I was flabbergasted and could not believe my own eyes! I knew this woman, and for me it was beyond belief. It was not staged as I had thought. After the surgery, and in total amazement, I asked The Entity, “Will you tell me what I need”? The Entity told me that I needed surgery in my left eye. Again I was astounded. Just a few weeks before, I had gone to the optometrist with an acute eye irritation. The doctor had explained that the tear duct was obstructed and I would need surgery. Nobody knew that I had been to an eye doctor not even my wife. It was confirmation of the magnitude of the Truth manifesting before me. The Entity invited me to sit down. I was terrified. I began to perspire profusely believing my eye would be scraped. The Entity asked me to face the crowd. I wanted to bolt from there. I trembled with fear. But, I reasoned, I am well known in the area, I have a good reputation as a successful and somewhat tough and uncompromising lawyer. (I took on the most difficult cases and had a good success record, not only in my state, but in many other states where I worked). How would it look if, after this woman boldly had eye surgery, I become a coward and ran out? My mind raced, my reputation would be shattered. The crowd would ridicule me; I would lose all of my clients. So, I remained, albeit reluctantly.

The Entity gently swabbed out my eye with holy water and scraped it with a swab, not the knife. I felt absolutely no pain and my eye were healed, never requiring surgery on the tear duct. I asked him to help my hearing problem. I was a pilot and needed acute hearing for my license exam. The Entity said, “I could heal this ear now, but, it is a payment from a past life; you can either put up with the lack of hearing or, if I heal you of this problem now, another situation will appear on your body, possibly even worse, as you are paying off a debt from a past life. I can’t heal this now as you are not spiritually ripe as yet. You need to do service and work this off spiritually. Then I can take care of your problem”. Over the years my ear problem has not gotten worse. I went to a surgeon who said he could do an operation but at great risk to me. I chose to heed the advice of The Entity and I have lived with my hearing condition. We never did catch the imposter, but I met the true healer, Joao de Deus and found a wonderful friend. I came as a skeptic and left a believer. You need to talk to my wife she will confirm all of this and tell you how I have changed! You must come to our home, stay with us and we will tell you many more wonderful stories. So many healings we have witnessed and she has a much better memory for detail than me.

John Quinones

Primetime Live visited John of God at the Casa in 2005 and again in Atlanta in 2006. I was there taking photos and saw the Entity talking to him. I quote from our book  John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who Has Touched the Lives of Millions:

While in Atlanta, the entity spoke gently and kindly to Mr. Quinones, reassuring him of his connection to God. When asked why the Entity came to America, he said because there was so much faith here. He came because of love and he was grateful that so many people had left their homes and made the journey to see him.

Later, John of God told Quinones, “I am here not to fool anyone. I am here because God is here. We are here to receive the energy of God, the Breath of God. I do not have a religion, but I believe in faith and the Universal God, which is Love. Everyone who has faith and has a religion is my brother, for we all believe in the One God, who is our Father. I do not preach a religion, but uphold Universal Love and belief in the Creator of the Cosmos. I do not heal, only God heals. “

From my perspective, Mr. Quinones was visibly moved. Having begun as a full skeptic, I believe this interview, reprinted below, shows that he is open to the possibility that what is considered ‘remarkable’ could be occurring at the Casa.

An ABC News correspondent discusses the medical and religious mysteries behind ‘John of God.’

‘John of God’: Investigating a Brazilian Faith Healer Interview with John Quinones

Who is John of God?

He’s a Brazilian from a very poor, modest family. At the age of 16, he learned that he had healing powers–or at least he said that people witnessed that he could, by laying on of hands, cure people of all kinds of ailments. So he started doing good for the world, he said, at that age. He says he’s a simple farmer who just has this ability to cure. And he’s been doing this for 45 years.
About how many people travel to him each year?

It’s got to be tens of thousands of people. He sees them three days a week and every day we were there there were 500-600 people on line.

Are the people who come mainly from Brazil and other parts of South America?

They’re from all over. Many Americans, Europeans, Asians, people from New Zealand. I met a women from South Africa. I think he arguably may be the most popular healer in the world.

What religion does John of God belong to or preach?

Not any one in particular. He incorporates all religions. He says that it’s not just Catholicism, although much of Brazil is. It’s not just about Catholics, it’s about anyone who believes in a higher power. There are pictures of Christ and Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist symbols.

Does he have any sort of medical training?

No, not at all. He’ll admit to it. I sat down with him in an interview and he said, “I’m just a simple farmer who when I look at a person and somebody is ailing, the spirits come to me and incorporate my body. They’re the ones that instruct my hands to do whatever they need to do to cure someone. I can’t stand the sight of blood, myself. I can’t take a flu shot.”

And, in fact, we showed him video of what he had done and he didn’t even want to look at the screen. He said, “That’s not me.” And I said, “How could it not be you? We just saw you do this. Cutting into people, inserting forceps in their noses.”

He said, “No, it’s not me. It’s God. It’s God using me as an instrument.” Or these entities–any number of [ghosts], including King Solomon believe it or not, who he says can, at any given day or any given time, instruct him what to do.

We went there with a healthy dose of skepticism, certainly not believing that any man can do this sort of thing. But there’s something about the prayer, the faith, the overwhelming sense of calm at that place called La Casa, house, that somehow contributes to some sort of healing.

He does admit that he can’t cure everyone. Not everyone who comes to him is liable to be cured. He doesn’t make any false claims. He asks people not to stop taking their medication when they come to see him or to stop treatments like chemotherapy. And anyone who’s very sick, he doesn’t want them traveling down to Brazil because he may not be able to help them. He says that some people are ready spiritually and others are not.

You also say that John of God performs “invisible” surgeries. How many of his surgeries are visible–done with instruments like scalpels– and how many are invisible faith-type healings?

Most of the surgeries are invisible. I’d say 95 percent.

Just laying on of hands or praying over a person?

Praying. Actually very little touch. He spends no more than 20 or 30 seconds with each person as they come by-and again, there may be 500 in line, so you can understand why he does that. But he quickly summarizes what they need.

He doesn’t guess. When you’re in line, you tell one of his assistants, who writes down what your ailment is. These pieces of paper are given to John of God with each person who shows up.

In most cases, he’ll ask the [sick people] to go to a “current” or meditation room. There are 100 other mediums who volunteer their time and pray in unison, quietly. They close their eyes and open their palms to the heavens and think positive thoughts, praying for healing of the other folks who are in another room who are also meditating. So 95 percent of the surgery-that’s invisible surgery. That’s what I had to do, for example. He asked that I sit somewhere for 48 hours. Because it’s just the positive energy coming from the “current” room.

You had an old shoulder injury…

It was a very minor rotary cuff tear that I’ve had for years. It’s painful when I reach behind me, or sometimes at night. I went to an orthopedic surgeon in this country and took an MRI and X-rays of it, and found out that it is, indeed, a tiny little tear that the doctor said I could work out by simply going to physical therapy for a month.

Compared to what some of these folks are suffering from, this was nothing. We just wanted to test him ourselves. He was told that I had a shoulder problem and when he saw me he said, “Shoulder, right?” And I said, “Yes” in Portuguese. So he grabbed it and kind of shook it and he says, “He will be better in 40 days. Go to the current room.” And I went to the current room, where I stayed for a couple of days.

With other sick people?

Yes, from all over the world.

Did you really just sit there doing nothing, or were you able to, say, read?

No. You can’t do anything. You can’t even cross your arms or legs because they argue at the Casa that it interferes with the current of energy. So they wanted us all to be quiet. You can’t talk and they didn’t want you looking around. They wanted us to close our eyes. And so we did that for a couple of days. It’s actually very soothing, very meditative…

Did you do this 8 hours for each day?

Yes. And after that, the other prescription was, that for 40 days, you not eat any kind of peppers, even black pepper or green or red peppers for that matter, or spicy food, that you not drink alcohol for 40 days and that you not have sex for 40 days. It’s part of the cure. I didn’t abide by all of that. I’m not going to tell you which one. (Laughs) So maybe that’s why my shoulder still hurts.

That’s what I was going to ask-how’s your shoulder right now?

There was no effect. But we also had our associate producer go. She’s got sore knees from years of jogging and exercise, and when he said that she would have invisible surgery, she actually felt, within hours, like she had had surgery. Just a few minutes in fact afterward. She was exhausted. She had to lie down. She felt sick and couldn’t do much for the rest of the day. She said she really felt as if she had really been through some kind of surgery even though it was invisible.

And how are her knee problems?

They got better for a little bit, but she also didn’t do everything that he’d suggested she do. I think the pain in her knees is back. So it doesn’t seem that the invisible surgery worked for either one of us.

You followed other people who had come, primarily from America, to see him. What did you find out with them? What was most persuasive about their cases and what made you most skeptical about John of God’s powers?

We followed four cases very closely. One woman from California who was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. She has had no feelings below the waist in 20 years. We followed a man who’s got an inoperable brain tumor and was told he would probably die within months two years ago. We followed a man who’s got Lou Gehrig’s disease who has done everything, including stem cell surgery, to try to get better. We see a woman from South Africa, Lisa, who has breast cancer.

What we do is study their medical records and follow them throughout their weeks down at the Casa. We see their medical records after the fact. And you will see on the broadcast what happens with the X-rays and MRIs, whether the tumors have grown or not, what’s happened to the breast cancer patient and whether this man will ever walk again.

Without giving any of that away, would you say that there were a few cases that you found surprisingly persuasive?

Yes. I think you’ll be amazed. There have been changes in the MRI results.

What made you most skeptical about him? Is there a question of money?

He doesn’t charge people for what he does. So one couldn’t accuse him of trying to milk these people who are easy targets. But the fact is, the clinic does pull in something like $400,000 a year from the sale of herbs. I asked him about it. He said, people who can’t afford it, he gives it to them.

There are many inns around this town. It is now the biggest industry in the little town. So we wondered if he gets a cut of any of that. He says he uses everything he gets to pour back into the clinic and also has scholarship funds and supports orphanages. When I asked him in the interview whether he does this for the money, his eyes teared up and he said he was offended that anyone would say this about him.

You’ve got to wonder whether this is possible. How can anyone be cured simply by remote control in this fashion? You have to somehow start believing that there is something about prayer and faith and mind over matter that is contributing to some sort of healing.

For example, even though he cuts into people and he dips these knives and forceps into holy water, there is no infection that we can find. Here’s a man who had been shaking hundreds of hands all day and then he pokes his fingers under a woman’s skin, through this incision, and the incision is healed relatively easily and cleanly and no reports of infection. The folks who have the operations done have no anesthesia administered to them. We watched people very closely. Some of them have never met John of God before and there he is, cutting into them with no anesthesia and there they are telling us they hardly felt any pain.

Is he performing miracles? I can’t say that. But something is going on that’s pretty baffling and interesting.